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Canada Blue



Poa compressa




Common: Flattened Meadow-Grass


Found in every state in the US with the exception of Florida


Canada Bluegrass is a cool-season, perennial, sod-forming grass. It reproduces by both seed and rhizomes. The rhizomes help ensure a dense creeping root system. It does not compete favorably with other grasses in good soils and tends to thrive in low-fertility or poor-drainage soils. It tends to only achieve dominance in soils that are too acidic, dry, or nutrient-deficient for Kentucky Bluegrass. It flowers in the United States from June to August. Canada Bluegrass has a flattened stem, grows to 9-11 inches in height, and produces purple florets. Canada Bluegrass can be differentiated from other bluegrasses by its flattened culms and grayish blue or grayish green foliage. Canada Bluegrass is a temperate or “Northern” grass and is highly cross-reactive with other temperate grass species, including timothy, fescue, Kentucky bluegrass, and others.