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Australian Pine (Beefwood)



Casuarina equisetifolia




Common: Beefwood/Australian Pine, Common Ironwood, Coastal She-Oak


S Florida, Hawaii, Puerto Rico


This species has been introduced and has become naturalized in warm areas of the US, especially Florida and many other lowland tropical areas of the world; it is native to northeastern Australia (where it is called coastal she-oak). The name “Australian pine” comes from this tree’s superficial resemblance to the true pines. The flexible young twigs, even with their greatly reduced leaves, tend to resemble pine needles, and the woody fruits are somewhat suggestive of small pine cones. The tree often has a conical shape when young, and the foliage is not dense. Pollination is by wind from small, inconspicuous male flowers. The female flowers mature to become the cone-like fruits.