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Mangifera indica




Botanical: Mangifera sp.


Introduced from tropical Asia to southern US

Human Product Number - 257

Veterinary Product Number - 257


Introduced to and naturalized in Hawaii and southern Florida and currently under cultivation in southern and central California, this tree is a source of the delicious mango fruit. There are several cultivars, some coming from eastern India and others from SE Asia or the Philippines. This tree is in the same family as pepper tree, sumac, poison ivy, pistachio, and cashew. The tiny flowers, although mainly insect-pollinated, are occasionally responsible for allergy. The fruit, measuring from about 4 to 6 inches in length, contains a somewhat fibrous orange flesh and a single large seed. However, contact with the skin of the fruit may induce a rash in individuals who are highly allergic to other members of this family such as poison ivy.

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