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Oregon Ash



Fraxinus latifolia




Botanical: Fraxinus oregona


Northwestern US

  • West central Washington southward to northwestern and central California

Human Product Number - 73

Veterinary Product Number - 73


Oregon ash is a species found near streams and other moist areas. In the southern and hence drier parts of its range, its distribution is limited to sources of water. It grows from the lowlands up to a couple thousand feet in elevation and occasionally to 5000 feet. In the southern part of its range it appears to intergrade with the Arizona ash, probably due to hybridization. Oregon ash may grow to be 80 feet in height and exceed two feet in diameter. Like the other ashes, this species is dioecious, blooming in the spring. The paddle-like winged seeds ripen in the late summer. Leaves are opposite and compound, typically having from five to nine leaflets. The wood is put to relatively little use except as firewood.

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