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Schinus molle, Schinus terebinthifolia




Common: Pepper Tree, Peruvian Peppertree/Brazilian Peppertree
Botanical: Schinus spp, Schinus terebinthifolius


Southwestern US

  • California southeastward to W Texas

Human Product Number - 258

Veterinary Product Number - 258


Introduced and naturalized in California and occasionally other areas in the southwestern US, this pepper tree is native to Peru. Pepper tree has hanging compound leaves with narrow leaflets an inch or two long, and the tiny, green, rather inconspicuous male and female flowers are produced on separate trees in the summer. The small, pinkish-red fruit are less than a fourth of an inch in diameter and hang in clusters in the fall and winter; these have been used in many kinds of herbal and folk medicine. The Brazilian pepper tree has also been naturalized in Texas, Alabama, and Florida.

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