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Slash Pine



Pinus elliottii




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Southeastern US

  • SE Louisiana northeastward to SE South Carolina
  • SE South Carolina southward to N Florida
  • N Florida westward to SE Louisiana
  • Most of peninsular Florida


Slash pine looks like a tree that “can’t decide whether it wants to be a loblolly pine or a longleaf pine.” Its long, light green needles are usually grouped in pairs and are about 8 to 10 inches long. Its purple (male) pollen cones, which release large quantities of wind-blown pollen, develop in the early spring and the dark brown (female) seed cones, about 5 inches long, are attached to the twigs by means of a short, thick stalk. This species is cultivated inland and north of its natural range; such trees are sometimes damaged severely by ice storms. It is also widely planted for wood and turpentine. Trees in extreme southern Florida and the Florida Keys are considered to be the variety densa.