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Virginia Scrub Pine



Pinus virginiana


(includes spruces, hemlocks, firs, larches and others)


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Eastern US

  • W Long Island southward to NE South Carolina
  • NE South Carolina westward through central Alabama to NE Mississippi
  • NE Mississippi northward to S Indiana
  • S Indiana eastward through central Pennsylvania to Long Island


This pine grows to be a rather thin, scraggly tree and aggressively establishes itself on poor, dry, upland soils. Its twisted needles are in pairs and about 5 to 8 cm long. The mature female cones are rather prickly and from about 4 to 8 cm long. In the spring, its yellow or pinkish male cones produce copious amounts of wind-blown pollen, and the female flowers (i.e., immature cones) appear along the sides of the young shoots.