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Yellow Pine



Pinus echinata




Common: Shortleaf Pine


Eastern US

  • E Texas eastward to N Florida
  • N Florida northward to S New Jersey
  • S New Jersey westward to S Illinois
  • S Illinois southward to E Texas
  • Absent from Lower Mississippi Valley

Human Product Number - 131

Veterinary Product Number - 131


This tree is also known as shortleaf pine in the southern parts of its range because it has markedly shorter leaves than the associated loblolly, longleaf, or slash pines that are also used for timber. However, its range extends further inland and northward where these longer-leaved species do not grow, so the name Yellow Pine is more meaningful in such areas. This species becomes a straight, tall tree in forests but is more spreading if grown in the open. The yellowish-green leaves are about 3 or 4 inches long, somewhat twisted and in pairs. The tiny yellowish male cones produce their abundant wind-blown pollen in the spring and the rather prickly (echinata = prickly) female cones are about 2 to 3 inches long.