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Coast Sagebrush



Artemisia californica




Common: Coastal Sagebrush, California Sagebrush



  • Southwestern and west central California from San Diego County northward to Marin and Napa Counties


This pleasantly aromatic shrub, also known as California sagebrush or coastal sagebrush, is found between the coast and the coastal and peninsular mountain ranges, characteristic of areas known as coastal sage scrub consisting of low shrubs along with some herbaceous plants. In this region, summers escape the heat typical of the interior valleys but are still rainless. Although it may reach seven feet in height, it is usually much shorter, often being only two feet tall. It is usually found at low elevations but may occur as high as 2500 feet. Its greenish-gray, strongly-scented leaves are narrow and often simple but may have a few thin lobes. The tiny flower heads occur along spikes that develop in the spring, and the seeds ripen in the fall. The woody trunk is gnarled and usually branched near the base. This species provides food for quail.

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