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Timothy Grass



Phleum pratense


(includes all the grasses, including grains)


Common: Meadow Cat’s-Tail


Throughout US; reaches best development in northern half

Human Product Number - T28

Veterinary Product Number - 28


Timothy grass, a clump-forming, perennial grass introduced from Europe, is a rather tall species sometimes reaching more than five feet in height. Leaves may approach a foot in length and are about 1/4'' in width. The flower head resembles a small green “cat tail” about 2 to 6 inches in length, with purplish stamens often visible hanging along the sides. Blooming is typically in late spring or early summer. Timothy grass is prized for both pastures and for hay, and attains its best development in cool regions as it does not tolerate heat and drought. Reproduction is strictly by seed. This grass is one of the important “pasture grasses” from the standpoint of allergy.