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Palo Verde



Parkinsonia florida




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Found in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and parts of Texas

Human Product Number - AM0338

Veterinary Product Number -


The Palo Verde is a rapidly growing perennial shrub or tree and grows to 32-39 feet at maturity and has a large canopy. It is primarily found in the Sonoran Colorado Desert of southeastern California, the Sonoran Deserts of Arizona, and the far southeastern areas of Nevada. Its trunk, branches, and leaves are gray-green, thus its name. The Palo Verde is drought-deciduous, producing leaves after rain but remaining leafless most of the year. The flowers are bright yellow and bloom in the late spring. The flowers attract pollinating insects. Flowers are followed by seed pods. The Palo Verde is often cultivated by specialty plant nurseries for planting in drought-tolerant gardens.