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Burweed Marsh Elder (Giant Poverty)



Cyclachaena xanthiifolia




Common: Giant Sumpweed
Botanical: Iva xanthifolia


Central, W, and NE US

  • E Washington southward to NE California
  • NE California southeastward to N Texas
  • N Texas northeastward to central Illinois
  • Central Illinois northwestward to E Washington
  • New Jersey to Maine

Human Product Number - 44

Veterinary Product Number - 44


This species is a common plant along roadsides, cultivated fields, or along streams in much of the central part of the US. It may grow to be 6 feet tall. The species name refers to the shape of the larger leaves, which are rather triangular or fan-shaped, resembling those of the cocklebur. The undersides of the leaves are lighter in color than the upper surfaces. Young plants of burweed marsh elder may resemble sunflower plants at a similar stage of development (and often grow in similar habitats), and the rather inconspicuous greenish flowers of the mature marsh elder depend upon wind-pollination.