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Green Amaranth



Amaranthus hybridus




Common: Careless Weed, Slim Amaranth, Smooth Amaranth, Smooth Pigweed, Red Amaranth


Native to every US state except Alaska, Wyoming, and Utah

Human Product Number - 32

Veterinary Product Number - 32


Green Amaranth was originally a pioneer plant in eastern North America and therefore grows in just about any condition. It is a summer annual, growing 2-4 feet tall. The round central stem is greenish tan to red, ribbed, and usually hairy. The leaves are approximately 4.5 inches long and 2.75 inches across (excluding the petioles), becoming smaller as they go up the central stem. The petioles are unusually long and cause the leaves to droop downward. The underside of each leaf has elevated pinnate veins. Green Amaranth flowers in the summer to early fall, and it spreads by reseeding itself. A single plant can produce over 100,000 seeds. Green Amaranth prefers loamy soil high in nitrogen, though it is highly adaptable and can be found in gravelly soil, clay-loam, and moist to dry areas.